Rise of Kingdoms Update: Ninja Attack

This article will discuss all the changes made in the Ninja Attack update for Rise of Kingdoms.

NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge Crossover Event

Almost after one week of this update, the Hayabusa clan will be arriving. It will be a limited-time crossover event, and there may be new commanders coming.

  1. Assembling Scrolls

For forming Hayabusa clan secret scrolls, you will have to collect and put together the scattered fragments. Moreover, you will have the chance to win rewards such as name plaques and frames.

  1. Dragon Ninja

“Shinobi of Shadows” and “Dragon Ninja” bundles will be made available for buying for a limited time. Here, you will have the chance to get those rare rewards that are not available anywhere. It is possible that these rewards could be avatar frames or name plaques that perhaps you can't access anymore.

“Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest” Optimizations

In this updated version, they will add more opportunities to increase the number of crystals earned and more ways for earning crystals in the season of conquest. More information is given below:

These are the changes that go into operation for Seasons of Conquest when the update will come:

  1. Barbarians and barbarians forts will be dropping considerably more crystals than before.
  2. Kahar the Hidden duration will be reduced to 30 minutes, and Kahar’s Treasure duration will be reduced to 10 minutes.
  3. Completing the Bastion quests will be significantly easier because its difficulty will be reduced.
  4. The power of barbarians will be reduced in the season of conquest. Moreover, the action point cost for barbarians attacking will also be reduced.
  5. The cooldown time for Bastion quests will be drastically reduced.
  6. The number of crystals award for finishing the bastion quest will be increased.
  7. The location of Bastions will now be shown in the strategic view of the world map.

After the Seasons of Conquest update following changes will take place:

  1. "Season Quests" are added, which can be accomplished for earning a significant amount of speedup.
  2. Crystal mines conversion capacity will be increased.
  3. The time for research on crystal technologies has also been significantly reduced.
  4. Combat-related buffs had been revised, and those will be available to gain at the crystal research center.
  5. You can now get many "Crystal Chests" by unlocking many new achievements that are being added. Moreover, in the next season of conquest, you can use these crystal chests to obtain crystals.
  6. The time which it took before upgrading the crystal research center and crystal mine has been significantly reduced.
  7. To help each governor get off to a good start, any kingdom that will get started after the update of the next season of conquest will get 1.5 million crystals.

Those who have already participated or currently participating in the season of conquest will get compensation items. Make sure to claim them.

Lucerne Scrolls Optimizations

The difficulty for Lucerne Scrolls' quests is being reduced. More specific details of the modification are given below:

  1. Lucerne Scrolls' quests difficulty has been significantly reduced.
  2. Duration for each season has been decreased from 8 weeks to 5 weeks. Moreover, the maximum achievable level for the quest has been reduced to 50.
  3. The latest display will be given to Lucerne Scrolls.
  4. "The Archaeologist" is now purchasable after purchasing the "Treasure Hunter."
  5. “Divine Inheritance” and “Ancestor’s Legacy” will get new quest rewards.

Some Other Updates

  1. The pace of commander possession is being adjusted so that when season 3 ends, you will have the choice to choose the commander.
  2. New servers will be added for the Lost Kingdom. Moreover, Kingdoms list and Lost Kingdoms will be getting new screens.
  3. New ways will be added for acquiring the commanders. So now, upon entering the Season of Conquest, Governors will get access to commanders. Also, an event is going to take place in which Governors have the possibility to get commander's sculptures.
  4. Display issues for the "Lost Kingdom" and "Kingdoms List" will be sorted after this update.
  5. Resources can no longer be transported, which are being protected by storehouses.

In the battles of “Ian’s Ballads” and “Ceroli Crisis," the teams' size will be increased to five. Also, the difficulty for bosses will be modified because of that.

These are some huge changes to the game the way that things are going to work and there's a lot to look forward to. What are your thoughts on this update? Let us know in the comments below.

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