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Everything you need to know about Moctezuma I: A new Legendary Peacekeeper Commander

A few weeks ago, Lilith Games released a Legendary Peacekeeping Commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Everyone struggled to accept this new commander and underestimated him; however, Moctezuma I might be an efficient commander in specific gameplay modes.

Let’s explore a little more about this newly introduced commander’s skills, talent trees, and some useful tips to maximize his game strength.

Pros and Cons of Moctezuma I


Moctezuma I is a perfect Legendary Commander against PVE objects. He can deal a considerable amount of damage against barbarians and neutral units, and he has an ability just like Lohar to heal wounded units. Number advantage is always a plus, and Moctezuma can enlarge his troops exponentially. He has the attack, damage, and debuff abilities, and from that point of view, he’s quite a decent commander to play with.


Moctezuma I is not suitable for PVP encounters. Also, he does not have a specialization in leading any unit type, at least not yet. The only issue with Moctezuma is its second ability: peacekeeping, and because of that, he becomes a less suitable commander on the open field battles.

Best Talent Builds for Moctezuma I

PVE Peacekeeping Build:

PVE Skill Build:

Notable Skills of Moctezuma I

Moctezuma I is one of the best commanders against any PVE structures for raiding in KVK. Conquering almost everything becomes much easier using this exceptional commander.

Land of the Pricky

In the battle, this commander's exceptional skill is Land of the Prickly that serves as a Counterattack Damage Reduction of enemies for up to 15%. It reduces the enemy’s counter-attack for a total of 4 seconds. Its Direct Damage Factor ranges from 600 to 1400 and damage reduction from 3% to 15%. It is an overall powerful skill that deals 1400 damage to a single target. In short, this active skill can destroy enemies quickly.

Flower War

Moctezuma I is very efficient against PVE structures because of his skill of Flower War. This extraordinary skill increases the damage when fighting against barbarians and neutral units and gives an XP gain, and reduces the target's healing by another 50%. This skill is entirely barbarian-oriented. The bonus damage to Barbarians ranges from 10% to 50%, bonus XP gain ranges from 5% to 25%, and health reduction from 20% to 50%. This skill is convenient in the situation for attacking structures that are garrisoned by PvE enemies.

Jaguar Warrior

The skill that boosts Moctezuma I's healing ability is his Jaguar Warrior skill that also increases the troops' speed and their attack. In other words, the troops of Montezuma I can heal themselves with their normal attacks when starting a fight with the damaged target. The skill of Jaguar Warrior can only trigger once every 5 seconds. The March speed bonus in this upgradable skill ranges from 2% to 10%, Attack damage bonus from 5% to 20%, and Healing Factor from 300 to 700.

Triple Alliance

Triple Alliance is another excellent skill of Moctezuma I that increases troops' capacity during the rally attacks. When the commander receives damage from skills, it causes damage to the attacker. Triple Alliance has a significant effect on Montezuma I's fighting abilities in PVE with increasing the number of troops by 10% peak. The Rally Capacity Bonus ranges from 2% to 10%, and Direct Damage Factor ranges from 200 to 600. This skill can only be used once every 5 seconds.

Honoring the Gods

This is an enhanced form of Triple Alliance where the Rally Capacity Bonus range remains the same, but the Damage Factor is increased to 800. In simple words, Honoring the Gods is the skill that improves the Triple Alliance skill by adding 200 more damage to the damage factor.

Commander pairing for Moctezuma I

  • Aethelflaed can boost the gameplay of Moctezuma I. Together they can destroy all neutral units coming in their way.
  • Guan Yu can be proven deadliest for the enemies because of the heavy amount of damage dealing with Guan Yu.
  • Yi Seong-Gye can grant archer troops and boost damage skill. YSG can be very beneficial if Moctezuma I has to face multiple enemies on the battlefield.

Is Moctezuma I better than other options?

Having a peacekeeper commander in the Mightiest Governor may sound a bit weird, but Moctezuma I is unique and better in many ways than everybody is evaluating him. The real problem is comparing him with other available options. There are dozens of other competing options like Theodora, Nebuchadnezzar II, Chandra Gupta, etc. Moreover, in the coming month, you will be given an option to choose which reward you want to have before starting the Mightiest Governor. He can be a reliable commander for the Ark of Osiris. Going for Moctezuma and investing in him will be completely your choice.


Will you invest in Moctezuma I? What do you think about this new commander?

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