A beginner guide to Heroic Anthem: Season of Conquest

If you played Heroic Anthem already, let us know what you think of the playability, and if you haven't played it, what are your thoughts about it?

This guide will explore in detail and provide you with tips before diving into the Heroic Anthem story.


To join Heroic Anthem, your City Hall must be level 25. The reason behind this requirement is to create a competitive environment.

Your King must choose a story mode when registers your kingdom for KvK. Your kingdom will play this story, and it cannot change after the registration period ends. The story selected will be used to match your kingdom against other kingdoms who chose the same story.

Tip: If your farm account does not have a City Hall level 25 and you want to use it as support or to transfer resources, be sure to upgrade the City Hall to level 25 before Heroic Anthem starts. If not, transfer your resources before teleporting your main account to the KvK map.

Camp system

There are four camps (fire, earth, wind, and water), and each has random kingdoms, but the system will balance these camps, so don't worry about a disadvantage in power or the number of players.

Your kingdom will be grouped into a camp, and this is where the story begins.

The fog returns

The game is returning to its roots as you will have to clear the fog at the beginning. This fog is entirely similar to the fog you encounter when you first started playing the game, and you will have to clear it on your own.

Clearing the closest fog to your city as soon as you enter the game is crucial. To succeed at Heroic Anthem, you will need many crystals, and the Bastions will help you with that.

Tip: You don’t need to clear all the fog immediately. Focus on clearing the fog nearest your camp and the passes, so you can be ready for the battle and find all the Bastions. However, if you clear all the fog before the KvK ends, you will receive rewards.

Bastions and Support Skills

Bastions are very important; finding them can be relatively easy as you will locate them while defogging the map.

The commanders in these Bastions have different support skills, but you must complete a series of quests to unlock the skills, and every completed quest will reward you with crystals and favors. The favor increases the Bastion itself, and crystals help you upgrade the two new buildings and the technology tree.

As you reach level 6 on the Bastion, you will unlock the support skill. There are fourteen skills and a lot of different combinations that can provide you with various benefits. You can use these skills on your commanders to upgrade your power. Keep in mind that support skills are based on the level of the passive skills of your commander.

Tip: Your collation territory must adjoin the Bastion building to be able to complete the quests. At the beginning of Heroic Anthem, you should share the Bastion’s location as soon as you find them so your alliance can build a path close to them.

Some quests are more challenging than others, but you can decline a quest and refresh for a new one.

Crystals and New Buildings

Crystals are essential in Heroic Anthem as you will need them to upgrade your technology tree and new buildings.

There are two new buildings: Crystal Mine will directly produce crystals, and the Crystal Research Center, where you upgrade your technology tree. When you finish research, you gain seasonal currency and can be used in the KvK shop.

Where to get crystals?

  1. Pre-KvK stage. Only the top positions.
  2. Crystal Mine. You must provide a little of all other resources to produce crystals 24/7.
  3. Alliance production. Receive crystals once a day for the crystal resources in your alliance territory.
  4. Bastions. Every time that you complete a quest will get crystals.
  5. Kahar’s. You can summon a special barbarian using the Kahar’s Bone Whistle that you get from Bastions. When you defeat, Kahar’s will receive crystals.
  6. Buying Bundles and Supplies. Buying a daily supply of crystals or different seasonal bundles.

Tip: If you are free to play player or a low spender, you wouldn’t be able to unlock everything in your technology tree, so you must spend your crystals wisely. Try to focus only on one unit.

Barbarians and Forts

Barbarians are powerful, which means they are extreme, and you need 100 AP to attack them. Forts start at level 11 and go beyond level 14. Attacking them requires 300 AP. Forts with a higher level will help you gain more honor points.

Tip: There are a technology upgrade and a support skill that can help you deal more damage to barbarians.

Save a lot of AP because you will need it.

Coalition System

A coalition aims to help different alliances to join together, but the alliances must be from the same camp. Alliance leaders are the ones who form the coalition, and as time progresses, more alliances can join the coalition.

There any many benefits of being in a coalition. You can get help from other alliances for rallies and upgrading buildings or researches. You can help them as well without joining the other alliances.

Teleportation is made easy as well since you can teleport to any area that belongs to your coalition. Sharing has been made much better because now you will receive them if you are part of a coalition without joining the alliance that is receiving the prizes. You also get bonuses from ruins and altars.

Hall of Heroes

One of the most amazing features of Heroic Anthem is the Hall of Heroes. This is a feature that will return 50% of your dead troops by the end of KvK. This is fantastic for free-to-play players because they can freely enjoy wars without worrying too much about how they use their troops.

This will also make the fighting full of action as more players would be willing to spend more of their troops in battle.

KvK Shop

Heroic Anthem features two types of currency that can be used to obtain different gears, materials, and city skins. The first type is the Conquest Coins, which can be gained as you complete crusader achievements. The second currency is the Season Coins, mentioned before and can be obtained through the new Crystal Research Center building. The more research you do, the more of this currency you get.

Tip: Upgrading your technology tree will cost you crystals and speedups. If you lack the speedups for research, you wouldn't be able to get a reasonable amount of seasonal currency. It is smart to plan everything before spending it to buy the things that provide you with the most value.


There are different types of rewards available, and many of these are relatively easy to get if you play smartly.

Individual rewards depend on what kind of player you are. If you are a pay-to-win player, you will quickly get these rewards, but free-to-play players should avoid these since it would be a lot of work and chances of rewards would be very low.

Crusader achievements are where you will get the best rewards as there are many of them, and the more you grind, the more rewards you will get. There are also rewards from Lost Kingdom Chronicles, which are not as good as crusader achievements but are still worth doing for that extra reward.

Tip: Your primary focus should be to do many Crusader achievements and try your best to join a coalition on top of your kingdom. This will guarantee huge rewards during Heroic Anthem.


There is no doubt that Heroic Anthem is fresh air in the KvK mode, but you'll need to adjust to these changes as soon as possible to succeed.

Crystals are tough to get, and even if you are a low spender and buy some bundles or supplies won't be easy to complete everything on your technology tree. It would also help if you had many speedups to conduct your research and upgrade the new buildings.

This opens a significant breach between free to play players and big spenders. Even if you have the same commanders, but a big spender has a better technology tree in KvK, you'll see the difference in battle.

I hope crystals could have a balance update in the future.

On the bright side, we have a Hall of Heroes, and you can get back 50% of your dead troops.


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