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Connect with Governors from all Kingdoms, learn new strategies for KvK and build friendships to create stronger alliances!

Rokverse Community

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With Governors!

We made sure Rokverse has everything you need to build the best Rise of Kingdoms community, and we also have upcoming features updates, so keep an eye out!

Find Governors

Search for governors from every Kingdom or Alliance. Send a friend request and start chatting with them.

Rank System

We upgraded our point system with badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience!

Create Groups

Create public or private groups for your Alliance, Kingdom, or Coalition. Grow your influence across all kingdoms!

Main Features

Find Governors from all Kingdoms Easily.

Although Rise of Kingdoms has over half a million players across the globe, finding the right players who resonate with you can be extremely difficult. No anymore!


Use the search bar on top to find any governor by name, alliance tag, or even kingdom’s number. Once you complete your in-game profile information you can be found easily also.


It’s easier even find governors who speak the same language, live in the same country, or share the same interests with you.


Main Features

Have Fun With the New
Rank System!

We built a super complete system that has badges, quests, ranks and credits. Find the information in your profile, credits counter in the top menu and progress bars in your avatar.


Have fun while socializing with your friends from Rise of Kingdoms. Moreover, using the credits to have discounted merchandise in the marketplace is possible.

Main Features

Connect with Governors
In the Forums!

Join the conversation or start a new awesome topic in the forums to share interests with the community!


Give other governors tips and tricks on how to up their game and conquer their kingdoms.


Use the Feedback forum to ask for a new forum or subforum. Remember, you help us to make Rokverse the best Rise of Kingdoms community.

Main Features

Incredible Front-End
Account Hub!

Once you are logged in, click the little cogwheel at the top right corner, to access all the author hub sections! In here you will be able to change profile and account info, like avatar and cover, email settings, password, social networks and much more!!


You’ll also find a groups dedicated section where you’ll be able to manage and create groups, check and promote members (to for example, mods and admins) send invitations and manage the private groups requests!

Rokverse Community

Why Rokverse?

Read here about all the cool features and sections that Rokverse includes!

Super complete profiles, incredible rank system, friendly forums and much more social stuff!

Awesome Support

Rokverse is made with love by Rise of Kingdoms fans. We want to offer our best support to the community.

Enjoy the MarketPlace

Buy and sell physical merchandise by content creators of Rise of Kingdoms. Use the Rank system to get discounts.

Useful Blog

Share your knowledge with the community by creating guides, tips, or even recent news about Rise of Kingdoms.

Verified Members

Grow your presence across all kingdoms with a verified profile and let anyone knows you are the real one.

Pro Membership

As a distinguished member, you’ll have access to restricted posts, forums/groups, and an exclusive Discord channel.

Twitch Integration

Let everyone know when you’re live streaming through Twitch platform and increase your follower base.

Rokverse Community

Asked Questions

We know that some of you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a recopilation of the most common questions we get asked.


If you have any further questions, just send us an email to

Introduce your email address and your password, validate your account and you’re ready to enjoy the first social community for Rise of Kingdoms.

Yes, absolutely. Rokverse is a free social network accessible for everyone. Although if you don’t behave as a true governor can be banned.

Use the top search bar to find governors by name, alliance tag, or kingdom’s number. Also, use it to find governors by country, language, or near to you.

The blog is for exclusive content of Rise of Kingdoms. Publish your guides for talent trees, events or tips for KvK or Osiris League. Any language is allowed.

Yes, you are free to join any conversation or start a new topic in the forums. Just make sure to follow the rules. 

Is membership with benefits like access to private posts, forums, and groups. With our Legendary membership, you’ll have access to an exclusive Discord channel.

Rokverse Community

Watch a Preview

In this video you’ll be able to see all what Rokverse has to offer!